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“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity”
– Harlan Ellison

Our Founder

Brian Inglis


  • Learning & Development Professional – 35 years’ experience in energy sector operations, management and training
  • Employers – State Electricity Commission Victoria, Hamersley Iron (Rio Tinto) WA, CS Energy, ConocoPhillips QLD
  • Power Generation, Power Systems, Liquefied Natural Gas, Technical Industrial Processes
  • Design, implementation, management and continuous improvement of training and competency strategies for Australia Pacific LNG
  • Developed vocational entry pathways collaboration model – process traineeship, maintenance apprentice and Indigenous maintenance traineeship
  • Whilst my background in the power generation, energy management sector has involved the combustion of fossil fuels (including high CO2 emitters like Hazelwood Power Station) the intention of Inglis Consultants is to embrace and assist with the transition from fossil fuels to renewables – particularly hydrogen as well as large scale solar, wind and bioenergy
  • A massive undertaking is required to transform the energy economy – I’m passionate and determined to contribute and make a difference.



  • Australia Pacific LNG is a joint venture between ConocoPhillips, Origin Energy and Sinopec and shipped its first LNG cargo in January 2016
  • By far the largest, most complex and rewarding project has been the design and implementation of the training strategies for the APLNG facility on Curtis Island Gladstone.
  • From the outset I was excited, somewhat scared and thinking – wow, what an opportunity, but where to start.  It’s basically a $12 Billion mechano set which will process thousands of tonnes of hydrocarbon gas and liquid at various pressures. 
  • Each skill and training requirement for all roles was analysed and strategies employed to meet requirements to meet compliance, legislative, safety case and company standards
  • In short – an incredibly successful and rewarding project which provided many challenges, experiences and learning opportunities which can now be used to assist others in providing Energy Training Solutions

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