“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity” – Harlan Ellison

Hydrogen is used extensively in Australia and around the world mainly for refining and ammonia production. It is also a great cooling medium for large power generators – I used to make the stuff at Hazelwood Power Station as a young Operations Technician. You certainly do have to be very careful with it – an understanding of the hazards, characteristics and the competence to handle it is a safety critical requirement.  

As of May 2021, HyResource indicates 61 hydrogen related projects at various life-cycle stages in Australia with most in WA and QLD – this is great to see as well as federal and state government policies in place. Its costly to make – so as renewable energy supply and availability increases it will be an excellent method of storing energy for when required.

In addition to completing further Hydrogen Training this year (brings back old memories) I’ll be attending the Australian Hydrogen Conference next week in Sydney. Inglis Consultants Pty Ltd purpose is to assist the energy transition by providing Energy Training Solutions – and this includes hydrogen, the second most common element in the universe. Artwork: Bette Inglis

Cheers Brian