I remember way back when as a teenager I started my first after-school job, at Aussie Disposals (Army surplus/ camping store). I was so happy I went and purchased a portable cassette player (dual player and reversible – so innovative at the time).  Then when I was accepted as a Trainee Power Plant Operator role I rewarded myself with a big hi-fi system.

There is a theme here – one, I love listening to and playing music – two, the importance of recognising milestones in your working life that mean something special and three, nurturing intrinsic motivation to take on more challenges.  Now it’s playing guitar that provides great enjoyment with friends and bands. So the next goal for me is establishing Inglis Consultants (branding and marketing plan in development) and you guessed it – I have a plan, set of deliverables and a reward sitting in a box at the guitar shop.

Does this resonate (harmonise) with you? 
What motivates you?
How do you recognise and reward yourself?