Many years ago my girlfriend and I threw our jobs in and embarked on an extended trip overseas with no set return date to the UK, Europe and Turkey, then headed to the east coast of the US bought a Chevy Chevette and headed west.  We had a rough plan to explore the natural wonders of Nth America and one day return to Australia.   Well we actually got married on that trip in Montana during that time we spent a lot of time thinking and visioning our next phase in our life – where would we live, where would we work, what would we do.  Quite amazingly, the things we discussed and highlighted pretty much came to fruition (if only I wished at that time I was a famous guitarist).  I’d really encourage the use of visioning, deep thinking into our sense of purpose, taking time out and considering: how do we live the best life – we only get one shot. 

All the best for 2021,